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About Victor Odom

Welcome to my World – As that of a true American Craftsman.

My work is brought to life in my Grandfather’s old Blacksmith Shop located in the heart of our fair township of North, S.C.

My Granddad passed away before I came into the world and his old shop sat dormat for twenty (20) years. In 1976 my Dad retired and I graduated High School and we went to work building a welding shop in my Granddad’s old Blacksmith Shop. Dad taught me how to build a coal fire and run the old Forge and work hot steel as he had been taught by my Grandfather, Edward Thomas Odom. I worked hours upon hours after working a full time job teaching myself how to stick weld and work metal.

In 1991 a friend introduced me to Blade Magazine and a whole new world opened to me – Forged knives. Later that same year I met Blade Cutlery Hall of Famer – Mr. George Herron of Springfiled, S.C.

Mr. George is my Professor and Friend, he is the “Dean of South Carolina Knifemakers”. I have learned the majority of my knifemaking skills from Mr. George and credit is due also to Geno Denning and many more of my peers. Knifemaking is a life long learning journey.

My work focuses upon two methods of knifemaking (1) Forged blades – as a practicing Apprentice Bladesmith, knives are hand forged from high-carbon and alloy steels in the traditional process of our fore-father Blacksmiths. each blade is the ground to proper shape, heat treated, tested, and finished.

Stock removal knives are ground to shape and sent to a professional heat treater and upon return are completed. Any dissatisfaction with a knife will lend to replacement or refund of purchase price. Abused knives will not be honored.

My full time job of twenty (20) years working in Maintenace is at Westinghouse Savannah River near Aiken,S.C. My lead time on a knife order is Approximately one (1) year. Models vary from Hunters, fillet knives ,oyster knives, kitchen sets, folders, Bowies, and Tomahawks.

I am a proud member of the South Carolina Association of Knifemakers